Festival of Visual Cultures
3td Edition

Organized by B.R.I.O. Brillanti realtà in osservazione and HITCH2 Produzioni.


Editon:2017  TIME TABLE: on January


LOCATIONS: In different places of Benevento District, Italy

Final nights at various venues, preparatory evenings throughout Campania thanks to partnership with some cultural and territorial realities (Pro-loco Vietri sul Mare, Association Bibliofilo, City of …) with presentation of the festival and selection of finalists. Final places, dates and times will be communicated after the announcement of the call, any changes will be communicated to the authors promptly.

Graffi is a cultural happening want promote the Cinema and all kind of Visual Culture, for that reason we will screen works in competition and not. Particularly, in this edition, sections will be active: “Silent screens” and “Meet Graffi”.





Graffi (scratches) aims to become the voice of the film that has no voice. Silent movies, video free of dialogues, pictures without words, become the stars of our festival, through a journey of rediscovery of old silent movies (with sessions of live sound) and search for new works characterized solely by the language of images. Alongside creative retrospectives on silent cinema, the festival opens four competitive sections exclusively dedicated to the image


  • NO WORDS AWARD: video contest, video art, documentaries, short films and movies, with sound or without sound, but characterized by the fact not to use dialogue. The videos must have a maximum duration of 20 minutes and must be produced from 2016 onwards.


  • DON’T SHOOT THE SINGER: competition of music videos of instrumental music (not sung), a maximum of seven minutes. Videos must be produced from 2016 onwards.


  • THE LONG AND SILENT FILM: Competition and films festival of over 70 minutes, completely devoid of dialogue. Works carried out from 2015 onwards that do not use explicit dialogues or speakerings, overprinted titles or missions for more than a tenth of the duration of the film.


For all three sections in the competition, the prizes (to be defined) for the top three and any special mentions for works of particular merit. The texture of the prizes will be announced by the beginnin of the festival. Some works are not part of the official selection, will be screened out of competition.



Graffi will host a series of initiatives aimed at creating a bond between the public and the various film-based reality companies in the country. A space where will be hosted visions outside the competition, presentations of events and film initiatives, meetings and debates with authors and professionals in the industry.


Also, initiatives will be supported by organizations, schools, cultural associations or other organizations that wish to propose their film vision. Anyone who wants to submit their proposal to take advantage of this space can write to


The public in the hall will award a symbolic prize to the work that will have aroused greater interest, sympathy or closeness.


Some work not covered by the official selection may be submitted outside the competition. The organization may decide to suspend the sections for which sufficient and / or deserving material is not available.

HOW TO TAKE PART (section Silent Screens)

Graffi is sensitive to environmental problems related to postal transport for this has chosen mode of transmission of movies exclusively the network. The works (video or photographic stories) will be uploaded to an internet platform chosen by the user (dropbox, copy, etc.) or sent through a data exchange service (wetranfer, Filemail etc.).

At the same time loading online should be sent an email to specifying the web address from which we can download the work and necessarily attaching to it:

  • the application form and the release downloaded from the site, mandatorily filled in and signed (scanning);
  • three representative images of the work in jpeg format with a minimum resolution of 72 dpi – 2048 pixels long side);
  • (no mandatory) a declaration of the author on the work presented at the festival (maximum one typewritten page);
  • (no mandatory) a link to download a trailer and/or viewable online, to use as a promo.

Graffi signing up is free and no age limit. The works and their cards should be sent to the festival by midnight on December 31st, 2017, under penalty of exclusion.

Next to the official expiration date, you will be able to participate through the Click for festival platform, where all three sections are active until the “earlydeadline” of December 20th, 2017.

The movies will not be returned and will become part of the archive of the Festival office. The direction of the Festival reserves the right to promote and spread some works (in its absolute discretion) also at other festivals, organizations, and events.

BANNER 300X265


Participating works in Graffi will have the following formats:

  • The videos will be posted in MPG4 format or MOV, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (we will not accept movies with a size less than 720 x 576), the uploaded file should not exceed the weight of 1 GB;
  • The phototales should be composed of photographic images in .jpg format numbered in the desired sequence with a resolution 72 dpi – 2048 pixels long side), mounted in a sort of clip with or without music (see specifications for video)



  • All shipping costs are the responsibility of the participant.
  • Although ensuring the greatest care for the works we assume no responsibility for any loss or damage from any cause they are generated.
  • The selection of visual material will be made at the discretion of the organization of the festival, either directly or through a procedure which it decided. The winners of each section will be determined by a qualified jury, appointed by the organization itself.
  • The awards will be given filmmakers/photographers present at the closing night of the Festival or their trusted people delegated to receive them.
  • The Direction of Competition has the final judgment on controversial cases and on matters not covered by this Release.
  • Works that have already take part in the past editions of the festival are not allowed.
  • Taking part in the competition, each author is responsible for the content of his work and explicitly authorizes B.R.I.O. Brillanti realtà in osservazione e Hitch2 Produzioni perform duplication and screenings of the works presented, exclusively for cultural/promotional and the press.
  • The works that does not answer the conditions required in the notice or sent without complying with the directives it has indicated will be excluded from the competition.
  • Taking in the competition implies acceptance of these rules.
  • The failure to accept the Rules will result in automatic exclusion.
  • The data of the participants are used exclusively for the correct organizational management of the competition and to ensure its regularity. The Organizer guarantees that such data will not be used for any other purpose and will not be sold under any circumstances to third parties.



All communications related to the evenings festival, screening times, and selection of finalists will

be published on the event website The winners will be notified

by the withdrawal of the prizes and will be sent an email to confirm correct entry to all participants.

For further communication or concerns, you can write to the email:




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